Kids making breakfast for mom

The Unexpected Happens.

Jim OConnorFor Home, General, Security Cameras

When you’re a parent, life is full of surprises. Some of them are more welcome than others. Your home security system can have your back.

Kids made you breakfast in bed? Pretty cute. Kids got into the garage and painted the floor purple? Not so cute.

Acadian Total Security knows how a good idea can turn bad quickly. Thanks to Unexpected Activity notifications, smart home accessories have the power to learn your family’s everyday behavior patterns and alert you when something is out of the ordinary.

Unexpected Activity notifications can be triggered by sensors placed around your home by your Acadian Total Security provider, including contact sensors on doors and windows, and motion sensors that you’ve placed in dangerous or forbidden areas. 

Picture this: On weekday mornings, your front door sees a lot of activity. On weekend mornings—not so much… so why did it just open at 6.30 a.m.? 

Answer: your curious four-year-old is exploring the back yard while you’re still waking up with your first cup of coffee. This Unexpected Activity notification will alert you in no time. 

Consider adding sensors to your Acadian Total Security-powered smarthome and protect you and your inquisitive little ones. 

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