Energy & Temperature Monitoring
Reduce energy bills with Acadian Total Security’s smart thermostats and energy management technology.
Energy and Temperature Monitoring UI's

Save Energy, save money

Don’t waste money heating or cooling a property when no one is there.’s smart away mode automatically adjusts the temperature when the security system is armed.
Temperature monitoring
Protect critical assets by monitoring the temperatures of freezers/refrigerators, server rooms, medical supplies, and more. Receive alerts if temperatures exceed a set range and retrieve historical reports summarizing temperature conditions for compliance.
Wireless and battery powered
Simplify installation with long range wireless technology. Long battery life combined with LTE communication ensure critical temperatures are monitored even if the property loses power and internet.
Local lockout and remote control
Restrict employees from cranking up the AC or blasting heat outside of a temperature range you define. Use the energy dashboard to view current temperatures and control set points for multiple locations.