Fire Protection

Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Detection.

Making Fire Safety a Priority

Protect your property from fire even when you're not home.

Each year, incidents involving a fire kill more Americans than all other natural disasters combined. Your safety is our first priority, and you deserve a comprehensive solution tailored to fit to the protection of you, your loved ones and your property.

When you partner with Acadian Total Security, you’ll receive continuous coverage and industry-leading support that monitors your home not only for smoke, but for increased and unusual levels of heat and carbon monoxide that can lead to many disasters. In the unlikely case of an incident, our certified and licensed staff of experts are available 24/7/365 to get you the help you need, when you need it.

Smoke Alarm Sensor

Monitored Smoke and CO Sensors to Keep Your Family Safe

The Wireless Smoke is connected to your IQ Panel and monitored 24-7, whether your system is armed or not. The Smoke sensor detects the presence of smoke using photoelectric smoke-sensing technology and conforms to UL 217. It detects the presence of smoke particles as well as the rapid rise in heat that can come from a fire, even if there is no smoke. Because your system is always connected, you can receive a text or email alert if there are any problems, wherever you are.
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Smoke AlarmSmoke Alarm Alert Notification

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector

Monitored Smoke and CO Sensors to Keep Your Family Safe

The IQ Carbon is a monitored detector that ensures your home stays safe from dangerous invisible carbon monoxide gas. Connecting directly to the IQ panel, this device is operating 24-7, whether your system is armed or not, and can inform you if any danger is present in your home.

"Thank you for the carbon monoxide detectors in our home that Acadian alarm system installed! They called the fire department to come to our house at 2:30 in the morning on 9/6/21. Our Generac was blowing carbon monoxide into our soffits which went into the attic and into our home! We had 70 ppm in the attic and 50 ppm in the master bedroom which is next to the Generac generator!"

— Beth / Acadian Total Security Customer —