Video Surveillance

Security cameras and monitoring for single and multiple locations as well as installations requiring dozens of cameras means there’s a solution that’s just right for your business.


Acadian Video Monitoring

Reactive video monitoring solutions are solutions that are focused on improving a reaction from a third party. These solutions might not prevent a crime from taking place, but they will make sure that the reaction to the event is appropriate.

Great examples of these solutions are video verification based solutions where operators get a video of what is taking place based on a traditional alarm event, which allows the operator to provide greater information regarding what is happening to the police department. As a result, they can take that information and make sure to use the proper amount of force (i.e extra officers, canine units, helicopters).

Proactive video monitoring solutions are solutions that are focused on preventing criminal acts from taking place prior to a third party getting involved.

Outdoor video monitoring solutions with  video analytics and voice down technology can be a very successful way to get an unwanted guest off of a site prior to a criminal act taking place. If done correctly, this solution can effectively protect sites with outdoor inventory in addition to any other type of site needing protection.

Video Analytics

Acadian monitors a number of different analytics from various video manufacturers. While Acadian also monitors motion-based video triggers, it limits this to interior environments where the setting is controlled and the camera is focused on a limited area. At this time 90% of all cameras that Acadian monitors are external cameras using video analytics.

Acadian is capable of monitoring traditional video analytics which are activated by pixel modification formulas as well as non-traditional video analytics which are activated by artificial intelligence formulas. Every video analytic company is different in how they set up their formulas to generate a video activation and reduce false alarms, but for the most part they all use some of the same basic analytic rules, albeit with a different name.

Basic Rule Examples


This is a rule designed to pick up a person or vehicle when they have entered into a specific region where their presence is not allowed. This is the most popular rule that Acadian monitors at this time. Sensitivity adjustments for size and amount of time within area is a basic feature of this type of rule.


This is a rule designed to notify the video center when a group of people, with a number of people determined by the customer, are gathering in an area where they should not be. This is a very popular rule that Acadian monitors in high activity residential areas. A common application of this is when Acadian monitors low income housing communities.


This is a rule designed to notify the video center when someone or something has been within a specific area for a duration of time which is chosen by the customer. This is a powerful analytic when used for businesses with public facing sidewalks. It limits false alarms from innocent people walking by a business, but will trigger an event when someone suspicious is trying to break into a door.


Guard Patrols

Guard patrols are most effective when a voice down is played in conjunction with them. While usually only done for commercial properties, this shows the customer that the guard patrols are taking place and also lets those around the site know that it is being monitored remotely. This is typically done around the standard opening and closing times of the business. -- Acadian currently does hundreds of guard patrols each day across the country.

Video Verification

Video verification is a tremendous tool that allows the Acadian operator to ensure law enforcement is given all the information possible to make sure the proper resources (i.e. multiple units, canine units and helicopter) are dispatched to a location while also eliminating false alarms and false alarm fees. Video verification may not prevent a crime like vandalism or theft of outdoor property from taking place, but it will get the law enforcement officers to the scene faster to reduce the amount of damage that can be done and to increase the chances of apprehension of the criminals. In fact, a video verification alarm will typically receive a priority one response as a crime is in progress.

Gate Management

Gate Management

Gate management is one of the fastest growing services in Acadian’s guard augmentation/replacement services portfolio. While security guards can be an effective way to protect a site, they aren’t without their limitations and can be pretty expensive. Through Acadian’s gate management services Acadian can replace or assist physical security guards at a site.

The most common gate management service provided is Acadian’s guard augmentation service, which is when Acadian manages a gate in lieu of the security guards during specific times of the day, but not for the whole day. This typically occurs when Acadian manages a gate during the evening hours when gate traffic is slower than usual or when a guard goes to the restroom or does a patrol of the site.