Access Control | Acadian Total Security

Access Control Technology

Acadian Total Security uses cutting-edge technologies for access control and security  management for small, remote facilities to large campuses and complexes. You manage who has access to your building and your assets at any time. In conjunction with our video monitoring, we monitor access control systems for door events, including door-forced or door-held conditions. Video surveillance can confirm any suspicious door events.

Employee databases, access control programming, cardholder changes and report generation can be initiated and managed remotely via web browser, with no software or server equipment to install.

  • Customize unauthorized access restrictions to buildings or warehouses
  • Secure your workspaces and assets
  • After an incident, create an audit trail in conjunction with video monitoring
  • Eliminate the need for keys to your buildings

Small Business

Focus on achieving your business goals knowing that your employees, facility and data are secure.

  • Protecting your employees without a lock down is important for their personal security while giving them the flexibility to enter the buildings without you being present at all times
  • Securing your facility will prevent unauthorized trespassers and potential loss of value assets, such as computers and equipment
  • Safeguarding customer data can help you defend against costly breaches

Multi-Site Business

Focus on achieving your business goals with the peace of mind that your facilities are secure and your customers are happy.

  • Securing your buildings from anywhere gives you back time to run your business
  • Reducing the complexity of a physical access control system can help you save money and time
  • Protecting your facility will keep your employees and your customers happy