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Real Benefits for Car Dealerships

Overall, video monitoring is an excellent investment for car dealerships, offering various benefits that can help enhance security, employee safety, customer service, and operational efficiency.

Theft and Vandalism Prevention

Car dealerships are often targeted by criminals for theft or vandalism. Video monitoring helps prevent such incidents by deterring criminal activities and alerting authorities in case of any suspicious activity.

Improved Customer Service

With video monitoring, dealerships can ensure that their employees are providing excellent customer service. Monitoring video footage can help identify customer service issues and provide training opportunities to staff.

Employee Safety

Video monitoring helps ensure the safety of employees by monitoring the premises and alerting authorities in case of any suspicious activity.

Insurance Reduction

Video monitoring can help reduce insurance premiums for dealerships as they have a lower risk of theft and vandalism.

Remote Access

Video monitoring provides remote access to the dealership premises, enabling owners and managers to monitor their business operations from any location.

Evidence for Legal Matters

In case of any legal issues or forensic claims such as Worker's Comp, sexual harassment, or lawsuits, video footage can serve as evidence and help resolve the matter in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Improved Inventory Management

Video monitoring can help dealerships keep track of their inventory and ensure that no unauthorized access takes place, reducing the risk of loss or theft.

Reduction in Personnel

Video monitoring can replace or enhance full-time or part-time security guards saving dealerships thousands of dollars in benefits and salaries.

Protection of Sensitive Files and Documents

Car dealers are required to keep sensitive customer information for many years. Video monitoring can assure no data breaches occur and can also alert of any potential fire damage to stored documentation.

Operational Efficiencies

Monitor theft within your organization, prolonged breaks, misuse of equipment, and other activities that increase your costs of operating. Video monitoring frees up your service advisors to drive revenue instead of constantly monitoring rogue employees.

Easy Search of Actionable Events

Our systems allow for quick and easy searches of actionable events should a theft or accident occur.
Vehicle Parking Lot
Advanced Camera Analytics

Instead of a simple video feed, live video monitoring solutions focus on preventing criminal acts, vandalism, or unauthorized access before they may even occur.

Using advanced video analytics and voice-down technology, our experienced video analysts review live video feeds while initiating verbal warnings to provide real-time intervention before an incident escalates.

Advanced camera analytics can detect vehicles and people and alert our expert video analysts. With our cameras, you also have the capability of establishing highly detailed and customized security boundaries that ensure protection where you need it most.

TMA Certified Monitoring Centers
Excellence In Video Security

Acadian Total Security delivers effective, industry-leading live video monitoring solutions by utilizing open-architecture software automation that seamlessly integrates with almost any system on the market.

All video feeds are monitored by Acadian Total Security through our UL-listed, bidirectionally redundant central stations, providing expert monitoring services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our stations have earned the coveted “Five Diamond” certification from The Monitoring Association, which is awarded for meeting or exceeding best practices on equipment, redundancy, staffing, and protocols.

Live video monitoring

Virtual gate and access control

Video review and analysis

Remote concierge

Guard patrol

Video verification

Hosted video storage

System design and installation

Expert-certified monitoring 24/7/365

Key Features for Dealerships

Alerts & Notifications

Instant alerts with snapshots and video clips sent to your internet-enabled devices

Intelligent Technology

Long-range surveillance and license plate recognition

Two-Way Audio

Two-way audio and relay control capabilities

Access Control

Enhanced access control management with entry assistance and identity verification and authorization