Audio/Video & Home Theater
Watch and listen to whatever, whenever and wherever in the home.

Immersive Sound for Your Home

Advanced AV solutions allow images and audio to come to life so each family member has a personalized experience. Watch and listen to whatever, whenever and wherever in the home.

Audio systems involve more than you may think - from in-wall, ceiling, floor-standing, flush, surface, invisible or hidden speakers. Once you know how you want your space to look, we’ll help you determine how you want to hear your sound system. Our technicians install the latest in home audio technology inside and outside—and can provide the service and protection you need to keep it running and fully connected to your security system and smart devices.

  • High performance speakers hidden throughout the home
  • TV screens hidden as home decor
  • Soundbars behind your TV for superior sound quality
  • Outdoor high-performance systems that withstand weather elements
  • Cutting edge technology that is easy to use

Outdoor Audio / Video

Outdoor Audio • Outdoor Television • Outdoor Projector
Take the party outside and keep everyone entertained with a stellar outdoor system. In Louisiana, we like to be outside with friends and family, whether we’re watching the big game on the patio or playing music while we swim or barbecue. With Acadian Total Security, you’ll have a state-of-the-art outdoor television and sound system ready for the party. We’ll even outfit your space with screens to keep the sun out and bugs away. However, we have to warn you; if you build it, guests will come. A lot. Often.

No matter your budget, we can work with you to design the system you’ll want to use all the time.


Home Control Systems

Control your entire home theater and all of its elements from one device or tablet. From televisions to speakers to lighting, your elements are connected. You can even use your Amazon Alexa-enabled device to control your home by voice. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. With smart remote controls, you can minimize the clutter in your home. No more need for eight remotes - with integrated devices, you’ll only need one remote. Start small and dream big, adding more automation as you go.  

Home Theater & Media Rooms

Acadian Total Security home theater experts can make your life easier and more fun! Home theater design and installation is one of our specialties. Every home theater design and installation is unique and designed to your specs and within your budget. Call today for a free consultation.
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Design & Installation

Acadian Total Security is a one-stop shop. We’ll work with you to design your perfect home theater, entertaining space or conference room. We maintain great relationships with our vendors, and if there’s a specific item you want to include in your space, we will make it happen. We work with you every step of the way, from the consultation to design process, to equipment installation.
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SONOS Authorized Seller

The easy-to-use wireless home sound system.

With a range of options, Sonos wireless speakers are simple to setup and use. Plug in the power cord. Download the free app. Connect to your WiFi network. In minutes you’re streaming all the music you love.

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Request Your Free Consultation

We look forward to working with you! Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. We’ll come out to your space and help you create your perfect home theater, entertaining space or conference room. During the free consultation, we’ll determine your budget and project parameters. No matter your budget, we can work with you to design the system you’ll want to use all the time.