The easy-to-use wireless home sound system.


Stream from more than 50 music services.

Voice Control.

With Amazon Alexa you use your voice to play and control songs, playlists, radio stations and more.

Incredible sounding speakers.

Fill your home with rich, crystal clear sound for music, TV, movies, video games, podcasts, audiobooks, radio and more.

For any and every room.

Put on a movie in the living room, a podcast in the kitchen and a song in the den. Or play the same thing throughout your whole home.

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Get started with Sonos Play:1

Wireless Speaker for Streaming Music - Only $149

PLAY:1 is the smallest Sonos speaker. It’s a perfect fit for bookshelves, counters, and other snug places. So now you can enjoy great sounding music wherever you want to listen.

Sonos is the wireless Home Sound System that fills as many rooms as you want with great sounding tunes.

Sonos speakers set up easy. Stream via WiFi. Play whatever you’re craving. And amp up every moment with intense, pulse pounding sound.

It’s a new, better way to fill each day with the sounds you love. One that will make that place you live feel even more like home.

SONOS Play:1

Smart Automation & Control

Mix and match SONOS products to build your home sound system.

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