Why is video surveillance important for my business?

Jim OConnorUncategorized

The world has changed drastically in the last few decades, and not always for the better. Where once a good lock was all that was needed to keep a home or premises secure, today we need more than that. As part of a comprehensive security solution, a video setup is now a regular component, but how does video surveillance help business? 

Firstly, it is important to understand what video surveillance can accomplish. Many of us think of a camera by the door of a business or home, watching for anyone approaching, but modern multi-camera video surveillance solutions can do so much more. Not only are they a security asset externally, but business surveillance cameras keep a visual monitor on activities inside the premises. 

This creates a surveillance net that covers both the inside of the property and the immediate grounds outside the property, 24 hours a day. This accomplishes several things that benefit any business. 


The obvious benefit is increased security. Whether thieves, vandals or other criminal activity, with comprehensive business video surveillance, there is a recording that can help authorities determine what happened, and also identify those responsible. 

Having a business surveillance camera system in place also acts as a deterrent, given the choice, a home or business premises without cameras is a more enticing target for those thieves or vandals. Having a system that helps identify criminals increases the chance of recovery after theft too, which can lower insurance premiums.

Improved Operation and Productivity

Internal video surveillance systems have an effect on the way the business operates. Firstly, through monitoring surveillance camera feeds, it is much easier to see how business processes operate in practice, and spot inefficiencies or other problems. Processes can be adapted to fit the reality of the work rather than the theory, improving operation and increasing efficiency.

In addition, video surveillance systems allow remote monitoring of equipment, enabling maintenance teams to spot problems early, repairing before breakages cause further issues. In addition, the fact that a video surveillance system is in place ensures that staff work consistently throughout the working day, often increasing productivity as a result.


Both inside and outside the premises, a business surveillance camera system can increase safety for employees and visitors. With cameras monitoring the parking area, both vehicles and drivers are under surveillance, with any incident being spotted and handled quickly. 

Likewise, within the premises, video surveillance cameras record any incidents that occur between employees, and that can be used as evidence against an antagonist. With all visitors also recorded, suspicious activity can be quickly identified, creating a safer environment for everyone. 

For stores or other customer zones, this includes recording criminal activity such as shoplifting, providing valuable evidence for prosecutions, and against vexatious claims against staff.

As we can see, installing a complete video surveillance system for business has a positive effect far beyond security. It helps protect the company in several areas, including its responsibilities for employee safety and workplace conduct. For any business today, a business surveillance camera system is an essential aspect of building and safety preparations as well as a security solution.