Save Energy with a Connected Thermostat and Light Bulbs

jtoc9890For Home, Small Business

An integrated smart thermostat helps you stay comfortable and save energy and money. As we begin to approach the warmer months, homeowners begin to run their air conditioners more, causing their utility bills to rise.

Acadian Total Security offers a variety of integrated thermostats that allow you to adjust the temperature through our seamless home security and automation app. Adjust the temperature without getting up from the couch.

With connected light bulbs, you can manage both indoor and outdoor lights directly from our home automation app. Keep a living room lamp on in the afternoons, then turn on exterior flood lights when it gets dark—even while you’re cheering on your child at her basketball game!

You can also create custom cooling, heating and lighting schedules that work for your family, adjust the temperature for energy savings when you arm or disarm your security system, and set minimum and maximum temperatures, which lock out manual adjustments that can lead to wasted energy.

Connected Z-Wave devices and smart thermostats also enable you to set up geofence commands. Using your phone’s GPS, the devices can sense when your phone has entered or left the perimeter you establish. The devices can perform a certain action that you’ve set up based on your location. When your smartphone is detected approaching or leaving the perimeter, the thermostat will automatically adjust to the temperatures that you’ve preset, and your lights will turn off once you’ve left the geofence perimeter, then turn back on and readjust when you re-enter the perimeter in the afternoon.

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