ELD Compliance


Driver-friendly features

The user-friendly dashboard and intuitive workflow guides drivers step-by-step. Night mode available for easier viewing in the dark.

  • Automatic duty status changes and quick touch exemptions
  • Electronically-generated Duty Status graph
  • Pop-up reminders for drivers to verify logs, add shipments and other tasks

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Flexibility for your fleet

  • Compatible with off-the-shelf Android and iOS devices (BYOD)*
  • Over-the-air (OTA) updates
  • Integration with a number of major transportation management systems and fleet management platforms

Strengthen ELD compliance with alerts

  • Minimize HOS violations with in-app driver warnings
  • Get real-time alerts for violations and drivers not logged in
  • Compliance managers can track driver logs, violations and hours remaining.

Simplify vehicle inspections

Acadian Fleet Management ELD provides a complete end-to-end inspection workflow for Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR). Inspections show defects, who identified the defect and who repaired it. Drivers can select either pre-trip or post-trip inspection.

  • Customize your defects list
  • Print vehicle inspection reports
  • Automatically notify the mechanic when a DVIR is completed and a repair is needed

Track your trailers with flex

Streamline asset management with the solar powered asset tracker. Track trailers, containers, generators and other assets. View usage and location via the virtual platform. This integrated solution is ideal for helping rightsize your fleet and cut maintenance costs.

  • Rugged design
  • Dynamic tracking
  • Self-sustaining solar power

Do more with your ELD

Maximize your return on investment with Geotab’s expandability options. Browse the Geotab Marketplace for hardware accessories and software solutions. Seamlessly integrate telematics with the rest of your fleet operations with the Geotab Software Development Kit. We have the resources to guide you through the process.

More benefits:

  • Fuel usage and MPG monitoring
  • Engine fault reporting for proactive vehicle maintenance
  • Accurate insights for IFTA and IRP mileage reporting with true trip miles
  • Integration with Transportation Management Systems (TMS)
  • Integrate with your maintenance program with Geotab’s open APIs
  • Paperless forms and electronic signature capture
  • Other custom solutions for trucking, such as refrigerated trailer temperature monitoring, tire pressure monitoring, in-cab cameras, and more

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens on December 16, 2019?

As of December 16, 2019, the ELD Mandate Full Compliance Phase begins, and motor carriers and drivers subject to the ELD rule will need to use self-certified, registered ELDs.

What are the benefits of ELDs?

The FMCSA introduced the ELD rule to improve road safety, strengthen compliance with Hours of Service regulations and reduce driver fatigue. Benefits of ELDs include:

  • Cutting down on paperwork, saving time and money
  • Helping reduce administration costs
  • Increasing the efficiency of record-keeping and inspections
  • Supporting driver safety
  • Helping minimize violations
  • Delivering real-time access to information
  • Improve your CSA safety ratings by managing the factors that drive your HOS BASIC score

What is an ELD?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) defines an electronic logging device (or ELD) as “technology that automatically records a driver’s driving time and other aspects of the hours-of-service (HOS) records.”

What is the ELD Mandate?

The ELD mandate is a rule that requires drivers of commercial motor vehicles who keep Hours of Service and records of duty status (RODS) to use a certified, registered electronic logging device (ELD). As of December 16, 2019, full compliance begins and drivers and carriers subject to the ELD rule must be using electronic logging devices. Any fleet still using AOBRDs must also switch to self-certified, FMCSA registered ELDs by this date.

What does an ELD cost?

The more features and capabilities added are reflected in the cost. We can work with you on your needs, and scale up as needed if you're not sure where to start.