Fleet + Dash Cams

Integrated camera systems that help improve driver safety and lower fleet costs.
Rosco Vision Systems
Intelligent Video Cameras for Fleets

Acadian Total Security is an authorized provider for Blackvue, Rosco Vision & Surfsight commercial vehicle camera systems. With these top-rated brands, we are able to offer the best protection for your company and your drivers. These integrated camera solutions help improve driver safety and reduce fleet costs by analyzing the road and driver behavior, sending instant alerts to drivers and actionable insights to you.

All of our dash cams are simple to use, reliable and full HD and Wi-Fi connectivity allow for easy setup via smartphone. We supply only the best dash cams that offer advanced smart technology so we can provide business fleet managers and individual users an easy way to monitor their vehicles from the palm of their hand.



Surfsight’s A-12 dashcam offers full HD video powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance fleet safety and reduce collision-related costs.



Simultaneously capture footage of the road ahead and the vehicle’s cabin to detect risk wherever it occurs.


Correct distracted or risky driving in the moment with audio feedback and warnings. After the second warning, our dashcam automatically creates a ten-second video recording and uploads it to the cloud for management review.


Get instant access to live video from the road, manage risky driving, and review recordings to investigate incidents at any time.
Hardware & Software


Help fleet managers get the context, details, and evidence they need to improve safety with our integrated video, artificial intelligence, and telematics solution.

Surfsight Devices and App
GEOTAB Commercial Integration

GEOTAB Commercial Integration

Connect via cellular service with RoscoLive, a cloud storage feature that works with Geotab to provide videos of exceptions captured by the GO7 device. Since RoscoLive is fully integrated with Geotab, you can view and download the automatically sent snapshots and video clips of critical incidents and important exceptions directly to the RoscoLive Add-In within MyGeotab without the need to open a separate website or program. Exception video clips are retained by the Add-In and are available for viewing and download any time.

Popular Features & Upgrades

Availability of specific features & upgrades depends on all camera model. Ask your representative for more information.

  • 4K Ultra high-definition capture
  • WiFi Real-time driver assistance
  • Advanced parking mode monitoring function
  • Remote live view of in-car footage from anywhere, anytime
  • Real-time alerts & notifications
  • Two-way voice communication
  • GPS tracking
  • Emergency alarm
  • Video back-up
  • Remote video playback