Security & Compliance

There are many compliance requirements involved in the recreational and medicinal cannabis industry. Because Acadian Total Security remains at the forefront of security providers in this vertical and our staff closely follows evolving state laws, we are trusted by the leading experts to ensure our solutions are ready to execute on the dynamics of a rapidly changing industry.

We offer a full suite of products and services customized for cannabis retail locations, as well as growth and processing facilities. From security and fire protection to fleet management, video analytics, and surveillance, Acadian Total Security is equipped to design an all-encompassing security plan to protect your facilities while maintaining compliance standards.

Smartphone app lets you check in  from anywhere, anytime
  • The mobile app lets you view live and recorded video of your facilities remotely, from outside the building
  • Use your smartphone to see if someone is in your grow or dispensary before you enter, make sure employees get to their cars safely at night, and “be on-hand” during cash counting scenarios
  • Keep watch over your outdoor grow, despite its remote
    location and multi-acre terrain
  • Remotely conduct a “virtual patrol” to assess a situation in advance, prior to taking action
Mobile Cannabis
Compliance Services

  • Security Floor Plan Design
  • Security Operation Procedures
  • Offsite and On Premise Video Hosting 
  • Visitor Tracking With Customizable Permissions
Security Services

  • System Installation Anywhere in the U.S.
  • Full Solution Offering (Access, CCTV, Burg, Fire)
  • Complete Service After Installation
  • Seamless Integration Into Business Operations
Advanced Video Services

  • Video Analytic Monitoring
  • Point of Sale Integration
  • Business Operation Analytics
  • Centralized Management Platform with Health Alerts
Other Advanced Services

  • Seed to Sale Tracking
  • Integrated Security Solutions
  • Stand Alone Intercom Systems
  • Occupancy Tracking With Heat Mapping
Ensure seed-to-sale compliance
Video Surveillance - Cannabis
Enhance security, ensure compliance with government legislation, and get a comprehensive view of your cannabis operation with integrated video and RFID solution. Our advanced video and data analytics platform helps licensed cannabis growers, producers and retailers monitor the location and movement of plants, providing clear video footage of cannabis operations and the ability to rapidly search for missing inventory.
Security analytics for cannabis
Acadian Total Security IP Cameras offer crystal-clear 6MP resolution and next-generation security analytics powered by AI for the most accurate incident detection. Available in dome or bullet options, the cameras’ built-in analytics can help detect unusual or suspicious activity like zone or perimeter breaches and loitering. The cameras’ AI models reduce false alarms by focusing only on people and vehicles.