Advanced Technology Enables Businesses to Reopen Safely

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April 24, 2020—As many local businesses prepare to resume operating amid the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring the health and safety of employees and customers is a top concern. In addition to following social distancing and hygiene guidelines, the prompt identification of someone with fever is vital. Because manual screening can be time-consuming, labor-intensive and intrusive, the use of highly accurate thermographic cameras can be a vital tool in quickly monitoring the health of everyone inside a business or facility. 

Acadian Total Security, a division of Acadian Ambulance, offers cost-effective thermographic cameras for businesses of any size. The cameras use advanced detectors and algorithms to immediately detect anyone with elevated skin-surface temperatures. When someone with an above-average temperature is detected, an audible alarm notifies business owners so that further screening can be taken. 

“The cameras can safely detect elevated skin-surface temperatures from a distance up to 23 feet in just one second, achieving an accuracy up to 0.5°F. With temperature scanning in real time, thermographic cameras provide a safe, non-contact and comprehensive method for screening at businesses of all sizes and types, while reducing the need and cost for manual screening,” Acadian Total Security President Blane Comeaux said. “

In addition to providing thermographic camera solutions, Acadian Total Security is able to provide customers with a two-step screening process by partnering with Acadian Ambulance. In this process, once an above-average skin temperature is detected, the identified person will be pulled aside by a certified EMT for additional screening. “This process can be very valuable on a larger scale,” said Director of Sales Jason Brown. “For businesses with very high customer traffic, such as a stadium or concert venue, this screening can safely monitor and protect the health of customers and employees.”

Acadian Total Security believes these thermographic camera solutions will allow businesses to resume operations safely until there is a treatment or vaccine developed to fight COVID-19. As businesses reopen and a “new normal” begins to take shape, the cameras can equip a business to monitor health on a daily basis for many years to come.

“Acadian Total Security is here to help businesses open safely for their customers and employees. We are a locally owned company, and we pride ourselves on protecting other local businesses and their assets 24/7,” Brown added.

Acadian Total Security provides innovative and cost-effective security, automation and video services for homes and businesses throughout south Louisiana and commercial security for customers nationwide. They have offices in Lafayette, Houma and Lake Charles, Louisiana and monitoring centers in Lafayette and Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Chicago, Illinois. With more than 40 years of emergency response experience, each of Acadian’s six divisions is centered on the life-safety and security industry.