Control Your Home Security System, Automation, and Security Cameras.

Wireless Home Security Systems

All-in-one home and business control panel features a crystal clear, full-color touchscreen with graphic icons and intuitive prompts for easy operation. Available features include live on demand video from your indoor and outdoor security cameras, Z-Wave® automation capabilities, advanced alarm communications, garage door notification and control, tornado alerts for  residents, and remote software upgradeability.

Wi-Fi® modules offer the lowest cost alarm communications (including two-way voice) and remote services solution – saving installation time and reducing monthly operating costs.

Z-Wave connectivity lets you integrate security, lighting, locks, thermostats, water valves and more – for local and remote control. With Remote Services, users can control security, thermostats, lighting, locks, receive alerts and more from wherever they are with most smartphones, tablets and computers.

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Acadian Total Security

Acadian home security systems prevent property crimes. Acadian Total Security protects more than 150,000 homes and businesses in Acadiana and across the nation. Our experience in home security, video surveillance, and smart home automation is unmatched, Acadian is the obvious choice to provide monitored security services and security equipment to fit your home or business needs.

For more than 43 years ago, Acadian has been the most trusted security, surveillance and emergency response company in Acadiana and throughout America.

Visit our convenient walk-in store locations in Houma and Lafayette, Louisiana to learn more about our products and services including home security systems, home automation, medical alert systems, GPS fleet management and asset tracking, advanced video security systems, access control systems, and much more.

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The Smartest House on the Block.

This revolutionary wireless service enables you to always know what’s happening in
and around your home and is constantly learning and evolving to keep you comfortable and safe.

More Reliable, More Secure

Using the most reliable and secure communications and advanced tamper-resistant technology, you can rest assured your home will stay protected.

Dedicated Communication – Even if the phone line is damaged, the power goes out, or the internet is disconnected, your system always works.

Two-Way Emergency Voice – Communicate directly with first responders via the security panel.

Exclusive Crash & Smash Protection – Your system will continue to work even if the security panel is damaged or the phone line is cut.

Always On Awareness

With an Acadian Total Security security system, you can check in anytime, arm or disarm your system remotely, and receive notifications—all while on the go. You can also check on other connected devices including lights, locks, thermostats, and garage doors.

Instant Alerts – Get real-time notifications by text or email the moment something happens in your home.

Personalized User Codes – Create unique user codes to know who’s coming and going at all times.

History – Look back at activity over time or search for specific events.

Control Access to Your Home

Enhance your security with complete control and visibility over all the entry points to your home. Your modern security system seamlessly integrates door locks and garage door control into one intelligent platform.

Enjoy Visual Verification

Have at-a-glance visibility into your home with our completely wireless, breakthrough image-capture motion sensor. The Image Sensor provides on-demand views and high quality images along with easy installation!

Never Miss a Moment

See what’s happening at your property in real-time, get instant alerts with Smart Clip Capture, and never miss a moment of continuous recording with Video Monitoring. With best-in-class equipment, you’ll never miss a thing.

Effortless Energy Management

Get a smarter, simpler way to save money and stay comfortable. The Energy Management technology learns your activity patterns and adapts to your needs, automatically.

Get Peace of Mind

Enhance self-reliance with Wellness, a secure and cost-effective option for independent living with safety, security, and comfort.


Remote Home Control

Remotely view streaming video from your indoor and outdoor video cameras, arm, disarm or check the status of your security system from anywhere. With Acadian, you will have complete control of your alarm system whether you are going for a walk, visiting friends and family in Acadiana, or traveling across the country for your family vacation. 


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Authorized Dealer
SkyBell® WiFi Doorbell Camera

Data suggests that burglars ring your doorbell to find out if you’re home or away. SkyBell has already helped customers prevent break-ins before they happen, keep their homes and families safe. Swap your current doorbell for a Skybell, and enjoy a higher level of safety and security with remote monitoring and cloud recording features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I save on my home owners insurance by purchasing my home security system from Acadian Total Security?
Yes. You can typically receive up to a 20% discount by installing a security system from Acadian Total Security.
2How much will my security system cost?
Our security systems are competitively priced for any size home. The first step is to request a free quote from Acadian by calling 855-222-3426 or completing a free quote request form.
3How long has Acadian Total Security been in the home security alarm business?
We have been in the home security business for over 15 years. Since 1999, Acadian Total Security has been protecting more than 150,000 homes and businesses by monitoring security alarms across the nation. Through innovation, experience and technology, we enhance quality of life by offering complete security for homes and businesses. With locations in Houma and Lafayette, Louisiana, we install and monitor security and home automation systems, personal emergency response systems, GPS fleet and asset tracking and management, advanced video security systems, access control systems, and much more.
4Are you fully licensed & insured?
Yes, we are licensed and insured to sell and monitor home security systems in the state of Louisiana (LA-F1638). We are also licensed to monitor security systems in the following states: Alabama-11-1155 | Arkansas-E-M 20120037 | Arizona 18075 | California 7152 | Delaware CSRSL-0059 | Delaware 13-239 | Florida AC6405872 | Illinois-128.000226 | Maryland 107-1920 | Michigan 3601206496 | Oklahoma 1927 | Rhode Island 6591 | Tennessee 1713 | Texas ACR- 2991 | Texas B12950 | Virginia 11-8337
5Are you in good standing with the Better Business Bureau?
Yes. personal/acadian-total-security-in-lafayette-la-90006927
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