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August 8, 2018

Three Essential Back-to-School Alerts for Parents

Back to School

Things can get hectic in back-to-school season. Schedules change, everyone gets busy and it becomes easier to forget the small but important details.

When it comes to keeping your home and family secure, though, Acadian Total Security has your back. Because our home security technology is smarter, it can recognize when someone forgets something important and send an alert. Often, you’ll be able to fix the problem with a single tap on your smartphone.

Here are three types of alerts which are well worth setting up before you and your family navigate the back-to-school transition.

1. Security Reminders

When the clock is ticking and you’re all running late, it’s easy to forget to secure your home.

With smart home security, you can fix the situation without turning around. Receive an alert telling you what you forgot to do. On the alert is a button that remotely controls your smart lock, garage door, or security system. Tap it once, and your home is secure.

2. Image Sensor Alerts

An image sensor is a motion sensor with an onboard camera that lets you visually verify who’s coming in and out of your home.

Positioned in the hallway overlooking the front door, it can take a snapshot right when your kids arrive home and deliver it to your phone. You can rest assured that they’re following your rules on after-school guests.

3. Door Left Open Alert

Even when the kids are home, smart home security can still help keep an eye on things until you return from work.

One useful safeguard is the ‘door left open’ alert, triggered by your front door’s contact sensor being left open too long – an indicator that it didn’t close it properly. As well as triggering an alert, this information can also trigger your thermostat to set back, minimizing energy waste until the door is closed again. As the weather changes, you’ll be saving on your energy bill while protecting your home’s security.

Real-time alerts are just one of the smarter home security benefits you get with an Acadian Total Security system, powered by


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