Patient Activity Monitoring

For Homecare and Senior Living providers

Effective, Affordable Tools for Personalized Patient Care

Using discreet wireless sensors throughout the client’s living area, Acadian’s wellness services track activity and wellness indicators, giving caregivers real-time insight into each client’s current conditions, as well as potential emergent problems.

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Monitor Daily Living & Critical Events

Acadian’s wellness services use real-time sensor data and intelligent algorithms to establish routine activity patterns and identify abnormalities and emergency events. Caregivers receive insight into activities of daily living such as:

  • Nighttime Falls
  • Sleep Patterns & Sleeplessness
  • Sedentary Lifestyles or Wandering
  • Odd & Erratic Eating Habits
  • Infrequent or Excessive Bathroom
  • Activities
  • Medication Adherence

For Homecare Companies

Acadian’s wellness services give you 24/7 insights and keep you connected to your client’s conditions through automated phone calls, text messages, emails and secure web portal access.


Provide Superior Care

With better awareness of your client’s around-the-clock activity, you can immediately identify and respond to needs. Acadian’s wellness services can even assist in detecting nighttime falls, when clients often do not wear alert buttons.


Create Informed Care Plans

Intelligent analytics give you visibility to changes in daily routines and help you stay ahead of emergent health problems. Equipped with better insight, you can partner with families to create care plans that work.

Efficient, Customized Care

Customized trend analysis and early detection of changes in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) give providers evidence-based data to support changes in levels of care, while enabling individualized support across the care continuum. Acadian’s wellness services even help achieve staffing efficiencies and maintain operational costs, thanks to improved population management.