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Kick Off Football Season with Acadian Total Security

Football Home Security

Football season is almost here, and whether your game of choice is high school, college or professional, you can score a touchdown with advanced home security and automation from Acadian Total Security.

Use the Scenes feature to get everything ready with one tap of a button. Scenes buttons give you the ability to adjust multiple devices in your smarthome with a single command. Set up your own custom Scenes to make day-to-day life a little easier.

So if you’re getting ready to watch the game at home with some friends, use Scenes to automatically dim the lights, turn down the thermostat and lock the front door.

Sorry, Scenes can’t grill the steaks too.

As friends arrive, use your home automation app to unlock the door without getting up and potentially missing that amazing 70-yard catch on a third down.

If you’re heading out to watch a football game in person, use your home automation app to arm your system, turn on the outside lights, and lock the door, so your home is more protected than the other team’s wide receiver.

Even when you’re away from home, video surveillance is always watching your property, and you’ll be notified of anything amiss. In addition, our certified monitoring specialists can catch potential crimes as or before they happen, and notify the proper authorities right away.

Enjoy the football game – we’ve got your home security covered.

Fun fact, even the NFL Players Association entrusts the home security and automation software for current and former football players.


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