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Coming Soon!

Acadian Total Security Advantage Program

If you own a business in our service area and you are protected by Acadian Total Security, you can email us at [email protected] with your logo and a special discount you would like to offer to our Acadian employees and our 35,000+ customers or click here and fill out the form.

We have printed Advantage Cards and will be sending these out to employees, as well as existing and new clients. When this card is presented to your business, you will honor the predetermined discount set by you. The special offer can change on an as needed basis. We will have a landing page on our website, https://www.acadiantotalsecurity.com/advantage/ listing all businesses, logos and the specials they will offer.  We will also supply you with a special cling you can put on your front door or window notifying patrons that you accept the Advantage card.

We feel this program is beneficial to all involved, as it will drive business to our commercial partners as well as save our residential clientele money or add value to their purchases.  The cost of this program is FREE!!