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How Acadian Won the 2018 SAMMY Award for Best Content Marketing

How Acadian Won the 2018 SAMMY Award for Best Content Marketing

How Acadian Won the 2018 SAMMY Award for Best Content Marketing


  Arlen Schweiger

Acadian Total Security won its SAMMY by creating a newsletter that focuses on educating customers about new products, technologies and trends.

Make no doubt about it, there’s much more than “news” to be shared with customers in creating a really engaging newsletter.

Just take for example the jam-packed newsletter that Lafayette, La.-based Acadian Total Security sends to subscribers as one method of “touch-point communication,” according to Division Coordinator Michelle Trahan.

The eye-catching literature starts with a header on top featuring an Acadian full-color logo, “The Total Insider” moniker, and “Acadian Total Security News” tagline. Trahan says the newsletter is sent periodically to customers via email and U.S. Mail, depending on their preference.

Moving further down the four-page piece, page 1 includes a specific product (SkyBell video doorbell) and offers a quick-hit DIY tip; page 2 includes a section about the easy-to-operate ways customers can control Acadian’s systems, followed by an employee spotlight highlighting recent employees of the month; page 3 has a section on payment options, a message from Acadian President Blane Comeaux, and a customer testimonial; and page 4 offers a statistic-supported nugget on further benefits of owning a system, and finally contact information for locations and social media.

“While calls to action are important in materials, the goal for our newsletter is not to be too sales-focused. The articles are meant to pique interest,” Trahan explains. “We’ve found a great angle to be educating customers on the various ways smart home devices can be used.”

She says content is based on timeliness of the industry as well as customer feedback; the 10-person PR & marketing department keeps tabs on social media and email metrics to determine what’s working and what isn’t. With a company style guide in place, the newsletter is easy to put together once content is decided, she adds.

“Social media is a great tool to use in getting to know customer details, but nothing beats traditional communication,” says Trahan. “Customers appreciate genuine conversation. Using methods of ‘touch-point communication’ shows our company truly wants our customers to be satisfied and we are always willing to teach them how our products can help their lives.”

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