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Home Automation and Energy Efficiency

Energy Saving Thermostat - Home Automation


Running a more energy efficient home helps to lower utility bills, especially in the dead of summer when rates are higher.

But energy efficiency doesn’t just mean using electricity less, it just means using it smarter. With home automation gadgets, you can still live in comfort without wasting extra energy when you don’t need it.

Your air conditioner is one of the most energy ­intensive elements in your home. But with the right thermostat, you can manage your AC’s energy usage, save money, and keep your family comfortable. Our variety of Wi­Fi­enabled thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature through smartphone apps.

These thermostats have customizable cooling and heating schedules that work for your family, so the unit doesn’t run unnecessarily while no one is home. You can also adjust the temperature when you arm or disarm your security system, and set minimum and maximum temperatures that lock out manual adjustments that can lead to wasted energy.

In addition to changing out your interior and exterior light bulbs to efficient CFL or LEDs, you can automate your lights with equipped switches. Our Z­wave switches allow you to turn lights on and off from your smartphone, and can help you save between 25 and 40 percent on your utility bill.

You can make sure all lights are off while no one is home during the day, then turn exterior flood lights when it gets dark ­ even while you’re cheering on your child at her basketball game!

With our suite of home automation products, your smartphone can help you become an energy efficiency pioneer at home!

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